Happy Birthday, Dude!

In less than one hour, The Dude will be 10 years old.  I sit here tonight remembering the night he was born and feeling terribly grateful that we’ve made it this far! Might be time to tell that birth story tomorrow!  Stay tuned…

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Why Mama Panda Bear – Part 4

The Dude with his Grandma.  What would we have done if she hadn’t been an Internet sleuth? Facebook, July 2012:  Yesterday, trying to get his shorts just right in the face of PANDAS sensitivity, I hear him mumble: ‘Oh my God! What are we DOING?’ Sounded just like me. Ugh… So, yes, as you can […]

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Why Mama Panda Bear – Part 3

Facebook, June 30, 2012:  I feel like I need a week off work just to research my kid’s diagnosis and figure out how to do everything we need to be doing for him! Facebook, July 2012:  ‘Need to buy a present for a bday party for one of The Dude’s classmates today. Asked him what […]

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Onward to Victory!

On a lighter note, this is one of my favorite Dude videos of all time!  This is pre-PANDAS.  I’m an ND grad and have been brainwashing this kid for years!  Columbus is a tough town in which to raise an Irish fan!  Make sure you watch to the end for the big finale!

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Why Mama Panda Bear? Part 2

  Where it all started.  My husband and son sleeping mid-day because they both had strep! So now it’s mid-June 2012 and I’m armed with a possible diagnosis.  I read everything the NIMH has available on PANDAS, print it all out and make another appointment with the pediatrician. During the 3 days we wait to […]

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Why Mama Panda Bear? (Part 1)

Awww…isn’t he cute?  PANDAS…it sounds adorable.  Unfortunately, the PANDAS I’m referring to is neither cute nor cuddly and has, at times, been devastating for my family. In May 2012, my 4 year old son (who had always been a super amiable, easy-going kid – we’ll refer to him as The Dude) began to exhibit some […]

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Why Me? Why Now?

It probably seems like I’m getting into this game a little late.  Mommy blogging has been a ‘thing’ for a long time now.  Isn’t everybody already doing it? What could I possibly have to say that you haven’t already read?  And why would I think that now is the time to start to a blog? […]

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